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Artist Biography: Monty Ousley
Weddell was born in 1943 in Texas,
USA. He attended Winnetka elementary,
Greiner Jr., Sunset High schools in Dallas,
and college at UNT. He married Vicki in 1965,
and has two children. He is a published author,
historian, former AAU Mr. Dallas Bodybuilding
Champion (M. Div. ’87), a U.S.P.F. power lifting
champion, professional photographer and artist,
and is also listed in “Who’s Who” in two fields.
He is a business owner, community activist, and
enjoys art, antiques, fossil collecting, archeology,
paleontology, poetry, and genealogy history.

Artistically, Monty is influenced by several types of art. He usually
expresses himself and his art through the use of form and color and
most often is non-representational. He inherits the role of “next
generation” of Abstract Expressionism as both an “action” and
“color field” painter. His modernism wall sculptures are in wood,
aluminum, and mixed mediums. His art works compare to Pollock,
Motherwell, Still, Rothko, Krasner, Nevelson, Mondrian, and many
others. Please examine and select art from his current gallery or
commission any work(s) of your choice, in any colors, subjects, etc,
for personal, gallery, museum, or corporate use. Call at 214-330-1635.

Monty’s current project involves producing a series of original
art works in acrylic, oil, pastels, aluminum and even concrete
celebrating “Why We Fight”, with individual works memorializing
The Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, World Wars I & II, Korea, Viet Nam,
Desert Storm, Iraq, and other subjects. Many of these art works
are considered his most interesting and sometimes may be politically controversial.


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